Preparation of fiscal opinions on specific tax issues related to the client’s business, upon the client’s request and, in certain cases, on AMV Audit, Accounting & Tax Services’s initiative, whenever AMV Audit, Accounting & Tax Services considers that the client’s interests are thus better protected;

Representation and assistance in the relation with the competent authorities;

Drawing up of any contracts, tax instruments whatsoever, subject to attesting the parties’ identity, date;

Consultancy with regard to the expatriate taxation applicable to foreigners on secondment in Romania and to the top management;

Periodic notice of the changes, additions, supplementing of the normative framework applicable to the business activity carried out by the client;

Consultancy in determining the amounts accounting for duties, taxes and contributions that the company needs to pay to the consolidated state budget as well as to the local budgets, in accordance with the provisions of the Romanian legislation;

Any other such services directly or incidentally related to the client’s activity.